Covering an area of almost 10 hectares, farmers in Tan Ba cultivate a variety of beautiful flowers for Tet, including chrysanthemums, marigolds, cockscombs, and sunflowers.

To ensure the flowers blossom in time for the festive season, farmers in Tan Ba Village closely monitor the weather forecast and provide proper care for the flowers accordingly.

This year, farmers in Tan Ba Village are thrilled as the flowers are blooming beautifully thanks to favorable weather conditions.

Currently, many traders from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, and Binh Duong have come to Tan Ba Village to place orders and wait for the harvest. Local residents state that the flowers in Tan Ba Village are mainly used for altar decoration during Tet, so farmers don’t have to worry about finding buyers.

Every year, the people of Tan Ba Village cultivate only one flower crop. Economically, it may not bring much profit, but the locals continue the tradition out of their great passion for growing Tet flowers.

Tan Ba Village is the only flower village in Binh Duong. Therefore, during the days leading up to Tet, many tourists from all over choose to visit and take selfie photos.

Despite the increasing urbanization and shrinking agricultural land, the residents of Tan Ba Village have preserved the land for agriculture and flower cultivation.