The ceremony was officially launched by the Cinema Department under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in May for both professional and amateur writers who are living, studying, and working in Vietnam. The documentaries are 60 minutes long while the animated films are 90 minutes long.

A total of 26 documentary and 57 animated entries were sent to the contest.

The first prize, worth 50 million VND, was presented to the animated script entitled “Duoi bong cay” (Under the shade of a tree) by Doan Tran Tuan Anh, Phan Gia Nhat Linh and Dong Thi Tan Khanh.

The organising board also presented three second-place, three third-place, and one consolation prize to documentary and animated entries.

At the award ceremony (Photo: NDO)

The documentary scripts reflected diverse topic including scientific achievements in the era of technological revolution, agriculture and rural areas, defence-security, the preservation of national cultural values, the national safeguarding, and historical characters.

The animated film scripts possess their own attraction with various topics related to historical characters, Vietnamese fairy tales, science fiction, nature, and environmental protection.