Who dares to say Saigon has no autumn?

Saigon is a typical tropical city with two distinctive seasons, the dry and the rainy seasons. It definitely has no autumn as such. However, to some romantic Saigonese, their hometown does have fall in a sense.

Yellow leaves cover a path sandwiched between two rows of trees – PHOTOS: THANH HOA
Leaves turn yellow

The autumn in Saigon is not like that in the capital Hanoi where hoa sua (milk flowers) spread their fragrance and cool breeze blow. Instead, Saigon in autumn comes in the form of rows of loc vung (Barringtonia acutangula) trees turning yellows. Under the sun, leaves slowly fall on the streets.  Saigonese then enjoy a cup of morning filter coffee which drizzles away to give way to a clear blue sky.

A cleaner collecting yellow leaves

The following are some photos which depict the “autumn” in Saigon that is said to be hard-to-find moments in town.

That’s how Saigonese enjoy the cozy “autumn” moments
Old leaves fall and young buds grow