The Mang prefer to hold wedding ceremonies after the harvest season. They choose auspicious days between the 10th and 3rd lunar month. On the wedding day, the groom’s delegation brings offerings to the bride’s family: 20 silver coins, 200 kg of pork, chicken, some roasted squirrels and rats, a large container of wine, 20 kg of glutinous rice, and many pieces of cloth.

The roasted squirrels and rats are tied together by a red thread representing the groom and a black thread representing the bride. When they arrive at the bride’s home, the groom and his representatives bow to the bride’s grandparents, parents, and relatives to thank them for raising the girl and ask permission to bring the bride to their home.

Chin Me Leng, residing in Nam Ban commune, Nam Nhun district, said, “In the afternoon, the groom’s family brings the offering to the bride’s family. At night, the bride’s family prepares a rooster for a ritual. A shaman looks at the shape of the rooster’s head and legs to decide whatever or not to let the groom’s family bring the bride home the next morning.”

Before the groom’s delegation and the bride leave her house, her relatives spray water and mud on them to hide them from the Jade Emperor. Otherwise, he will see who they are and prevent their wedding.

The bride brings with her a bamboo container that holds her clothes, some fabric, needles and thread, some farm tools, and some cooking utensils for her new life. Her parents give her a couple of chickens to wish her a happy life and reproductive health.

The groom’s mother and her relatives greet the delegation on their way home. Arriving home, the men and women go into the stilt house by different stairs. The groom’s relatives invite everybody to drink wine to thank them for attending the wedding ceremony.

The groom’s mother takes her new daughter-in-law to her room and the two cook dinner together. Guests give the new couple gifts and they all enjoy a wedding feast. The final part of the wedding ceremony is a singing and dancing session to wish the couple happiness.

Ly My Gia of Nam Nhun district said, “The Mang wedding customs are unique. I’m proud of my group’s tradition and I want to preserve our identity forever.”

In the past a Mang wedding was spread over 4 days at the houses of the bride and the groom. This has been shortened to 2 days to fir a more modern lifestyle.