Google released its ‘Year in Search’ list for this year on Wednesday.

Vietnam’s search history was divided between 14 categories for the report – searches, news, people, online, online study, COVID-19, TV shows, movies, songs, ‘where’ questions, travel, nearby locations, ‘how to’ questions, ‘how’ queries, and ‘what’ questions.

Following weather, Vnedu, a web-based solution using cloud computing technology to comprehensively computerize management and administration in education, took the second spot on the list, while three other searches associated with online study – including Olm, Zoom, and Smas – also made it to the top ten of the ‘searches’ category.

The domination of online study in the category is attributable to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has changed the way people live, study, and work.

Other most-searched phrases of the top ten included one Chinese and two South Korean dramas, the U.S. election, and coronavirus tips.

The ‘news’ category unsurprisingly included queries about the U.S. election and COVID-19.

In association with those top searches in the news category, Donald Trump and Joe Biden were the two individuals that people looked for most often in Vietnam.

The top trending list included some of the ways people could keep themselves informed and cope with the deadly pandemic, including queries about where to buy medical face masks, where to test for COVID-19, what the coronavirus is, and what a negative pressure room is.

Besides, Vietnamese people also looked for information of the iPhone 12, Tropical Storm No. 9, former chairman of Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung and a probe into his alleged appropriation of state secret documents, Beirut blast, and the Bluezone contact-tracing app.

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