These captivating artworks are the result of the ‘Green Corner – Green Space’ contest, which aimed to enliven and energize the district.

Several companies responded to the initiative by planting trees and beautifying their workplaces, shops, and restaurants.

Many schools in the district have turned into vibrant spaces adorned with greenery and colorful drawings.

Previously, Alley 195 on Nguyen Dinh Chinh Street was plagued by trash accumulation.

Thanks to the environmental protection campaign launched by the People’s Committee of Ward 11, the alleyway has been transformed into a beautiful space with flower-covered walls.

Pham My Hoa, a resident of the district, shared that due to numerous spontaneous trash dumpsites in her ward, she and her neighbors reached out to volunteers and philanthropists to beautify the streets and discourage littering.

Now, no one dares to discard waste in an area surrounded by trees and adorned with charming walls.

According to Tran Thi Minh Trang, the vice-principal of Ho Van Hue Elementary School in Ward 9, the school has planted a variety of trees to create a refreshing playground and an eco-friendly reading space for students.

Each classroom has its own nature corner, decorated by both students and teachers.

Tran Bao Toan, the head of the Phu Nhuan District Division of Natural Resources and Environment, informed Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper that nearly 250 entities have participated in the program since its launch four months ago.

These include private businesses as well as places of worship such as pagodas and churches.

Thanks to the campaign, several streets have been kept clean, and approximately 410 cubic meters of construction waste have been disposed of.

The district has also witnessed an increase in green coverage, with thousands of trees being planted and flower beds being created.

Furthermore, around 200 deteriorating structures have been revamped, contributing to the district’s enhanced beauty.

In the future, the district plans to organize tree-planting and waste-collecting competitions.