The ballet is choreographed by Nguyen Ngoc Anh based on Dong Ho folk paintings. It will feature soloists Phan Luong, Thu Hang, Nhu Quynh, and Viet An.

Dong Ho paintings with traditional subjects vividly reflect the ancient agricultural society, along with the life and practices of rural Vietnamese people. 

The Dong Ho ballet will combine the folk-themed paintings with the melodious sound of the concerto Four Seasons of Vivaldi rearranged by Max Richter.

“The ballet is one of the main repertoires this year at VNOB,” said the theatre’s director and the ballet’s art director Phan Manh Duc.

“It will vitalise Dong Ho paintings through the performing of ballet dancers on their pointe shoes. We invited London-based choreographer Ngoc Anh for this project aiming at making a unique ballet to combine Vietnamese folk and western classical art genres.”

Dong Ho gives choreographer Anh a chance to express his feelings about the art and culture of Dong Ho folk paintings. He does not focus on storytelling but he wants to lead the audience toward sophistication that is conveyed in a more abstract and sensory way.

Through the dance, the audience will see a close connection based on the humanistic values of Vietnamese people that the choreographer wants to convey.

Anh has collaborated and worked with Les Ballets Persians, Phoenix Dance Theatre, and Union Dance Company. He currently works at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.

His works have been highly appreciated and won awards such as the New British Choreography Bonnie Bird Award, the Spotlight Award at the UK Critics’ Circle Dance Awards and the Outstanding Choreography Award at Hong Kong Dance Awards.

Recognised as a gifted choreographer, Anh was invited to choreograph for Theatre Regensburg in Germany and Inversedance Company in Hungary. His work Moment was repeatedly performed for many seasons by the VNOB.