Visit well-known Buddhist pagodas in Dalat during Tet

HCMC - Visiting pagodas during the Lunar New Year holiday (Tet) to pray for good luck has long been a tradition of many Vietnamese people. The hilly city of Dalat is home to many pagodas, some of which are very well-known among tourists. This Tet, these pagodas are not as crowded as in previous years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but they are still attractive venues for visitors who look for peace.

This Tet, pagodas in Dalat City are not as crowded as in previous years due to the Covid-19 pandemic – PHOTOS: MINH TUAN

Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda

Located five kilometers to the northeast of the city center, Thien Vuong Co Sat is also known as Tau or Phat Tram Pagoda.

Built in 1958, it is one of the oldest pagodas in Dalat.

The pagoda is famous for a giant white Buddha statue located on top of a pine hill. This is also among the biggest Buddha statues in the city
The pagoda is surrounded by many pine trees, creating a peaceful scenery


Three Buddha statues inside the pagoda’s hall
A Buddhist monk makes calligraphy products at the pagoda
Some calligraphy works are displayed near the pagoda’s gate


Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda is at 385 Khe Sanh Street, Ward 10, Dalat City

Quan The Am Pagoda

Quan The Am is a big pagoda situated near Xuan Huong Lake. The pagoda is beautifully decorated and organizes many meaningful activities for visitors during Tet.

Tet booths are set up at the pagoda’s yard, offering free vegetarian food for visitors
There is a Neu tree, which is a very tall bamboo tree, in the front yard of the pagoda. Many people believe that planting a Neu tree in Tet helps expel evils and brings good luck.
A booth offers free calligraphy works


A man offers incense in front of a Buddha statue
Little Buddhist monks chant a sutra in the major hall
A big drum is hung on the left wing of the major hall

Quan The Am Pagoda is at 15 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Street, Ward 10, Dalat City.

Giac Hoa Pagoda

Giac Hoa Pagoda is located at 10 Pham Hong Thai Street, Ward 10, Dalat City. Visitors can access the pagoda through staircases, which directly lead to the main hall, or via a sloping road on the left of the pagoda.
A Buddha statue is placed in the middle of a small pond
A sitting Buddha statue at the pagoda
The pagoda’s main hall

Quan Am Pagoda

Quan Am Pagoda is located at Alley 11, Khe Sanh Street, Ward 10, Dalat City. It is just a 10-minute drive from the city center to the pagoda.

The pagoda impresses tourists with a giant Buddha statue on its roof
The pagoda is home to many Buddha statues
Three golden Buddha statues stand near the gate
Two visitors pray in front of a Buddha statue in the pagoda’s main hall