The fleet of vintage cars consists of 27 vehicles from eight different countries, with the remaining cars owned by Vietnamese car enthusiasts.

This group of cars is set to embark on a journey across Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos from January 28 to February 23.

The race, organized by Rally The Globe, a vintage and classic car club based in the UK, features iconic cars such as Bentley, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz, all of which are over 50 years old.

These cars are owned by billionaires and businessmen who have a passion for collecting vintage vehicles and exploring new destinations.

The ‘Road to Hanoi Marathon’ is expected to showcase Vietnam’s stunning landscapes to international participants, according to Vo Nhat Minh, CEO of FUMITA Company, one of Vietnam’s representatives in the exchange program between Rally The Globe and Vietnamese motorists.

“The participants in this journey are successful and well-known individuals. They will drive through beautiful and picturesque roads and tracks in Vietnam,” Minh remarked.

“Through their experiences, they are likely to spread the word about their race in Vietnam, which will contribute to the country’s popularity.”

The fleet of classic cars from Rally The Globe will commence their journey in Ho Chi Minh City and spend 16 days exploring Vietnam, followed by two days in Cambodia, five days in Thailand, and four days on enchanting paths in Laos.

These luxury antique cars will return to Vietnam and conclude their race in Hanoi on February 23, as reported by local media.

Established in 2018, Rally The Globe is an organization that brings together car enthusiasts and motorists from various European nations and the United States.