The art show will take place on Vietnam Day, December 30, 2021, within the framework of the World Expo 2020 Dubai.

Vietnam Day is the most important event for Vietnam at the World Expo 2020 Dubai, with a variety of activities such as the flag-raising ceremony and parade.

The fashion show "The Eternal Flow" will take place at Al Wasl Plaza – where the opening ceremony of World Expo 2020 Dubai took place. In addition, there are also activities such as: Vietnam Film Week, an exhibition of paintings by "painting prodigy" Xeo Chu, a programme to introduce the country and provide information on foreign policy, economy, investment, trade and tourism in Vietnam.

The art programme "The Eternal Flow" aims to introduce the world to Vietnam with rich cultures, imbued in national identity, the cultural quintessence formed and summarised over thousands of years of history and traditional cultural values of 54 ethnic groups.

In particular, brocade hand-woven products of ethnic minorities are used and designed by the organising board into applied fashion collections, in order to promote the cultural values of brocade weaving, introduce and promote to domestic and foreign tourists, as well as bring brocade weaving products to international markets.

A highlight of the art show "The Eternal Flow" is the 3D Mapping technology performance introducing the movie "Dragon and Fairy’s descendants" on the world’s largest 360-degree dome system of the Al Wasl Plaza.

The art show "The Eternal Flow" also features the participation of Miss H’Hen Niê, Miss Do Tran Khanh Ngan, runner-up Mau Thuy, runner-up Hoang My, runner-up Kim Duyen and models Huong Ly, Tra My, Mong Tuyen, Hong Nhung, and Kim Phuong.

The activity has the participation of more than 150 artists, artisans and actors performing ethnic musical instruments. In addition, Miss H’Hen Niê officially became the image representative of the art programme "The Eternal Flow".

World Expo 2020 Dubai opens from September 30 to March 31, 2022.