Among them are Huynh Vo Hoang Son, who finished as the first runner-up at the 2023 Mister Universe Tourism, and Nguyen Quoc Tri, who achieved the third runner-up position at the 2023 Mister Tourism World.

Ngo Hoang Linh was awarded the third runner-up title at the 2023 World Fitness Supermodel, while Le Huu Dat claimed the fourth runner-up title at the 2023 Mister Global.

Vietnam has not yet organized any male beauty pageants for models, but it sends many male models to international beauty competitions every year.

In recent years, Vietnamese male representatives have participated in various global beauty pageants and won numerous notable titles.

Just in 2023 alone, Vietnam had multiple winners returning from global male beauty contests.

Huynh Vo Hoang Son (R) was named the first runner-up at the Mister Universe Tourism in 2023. Photo: Supplied

Model Son, who was recognized as the first runner-up in the grand finale of the Mister Universe Tourism 2023 held in Bali, Indonesia, in March, currently serves as a doctor at Military Hospital 175 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Son competed in the beauty pageant to fulfill his dream of being a model and actor.

The title has encouraged him to engage in community-driven activities and promote tourism, he added.

Nguyen Quoc Tri secured the third runner-up title at the 2023 Mister Tourism World. Photo: Supplied

Tri expressed his surprise at being named the third runner-up in the 2023 Mister Tourism World, which was held in Brazil in early December.

Tri, 28, works as a master of ceremonies.

With his efforts and determination, model Linh won the third runner-up title at the World Fitness Supermodel in 2023, which took place in Thailand in late May.

He underwent a remarkable transformation, losing 47 kilograms from his original weight of 132 kilograms to participate in the competition.

“Being a part of the contest allowed me to inspire people to live positively and be confident,” Linh said.

He works as a freelance model and fitness trainer in Ho Chi Minh City.

Dat, who achieved the second runner-up position at the inaugural Mister Vietnam in 2019, was named the fourth runner-up in the final of the Mister Global 2023, hosted by Thailand in November.

Model Le Huu Dat (L) won the fourth runner-up title of the 2023 Mister Global and Ngo Hoang Linh was honored as the third runner-up at the 2023 World Fitness Supermodel. Photo: Facebook

Their achievements in these international male beauty pageants have showcased the talent and beauty of Vietnamese models.

Furthermore, the titleholders have played a significant role in promoting Vietnamese culture and costumes to the world, especially through traditional and ethnic costume categories.