The current exhibition showcases lacquer paintings, which were the preferred medium of the late artist Nguyen Ngoc Tho. The collection was carefully curated by collectors Dao Danh Hung and Tran Cuong.

Nguyen Ngoc Tho was widely recognized for his exceptional creativity and modest lifestyle until his passing at the age of 91 in 2016. Surprisingly, he never showcased his artwork during his lifetime.

It wasn’t until five years after his demise that the world finally got to see his remarkable artistic creations.

While Tho’s vibrant animal paintings, such as goats, horses, tigers, and chickens, are renowned for their lively colors, his paintings portraying women primarily aim to capture and convey the emotions of the subjects.

These women are characterized by cascading, long black hair, expressive, round eyes, and innocent, gentle faces.

Nguyen Ngoc Tho’s artworks fall into the third generation of Vietnam’s modern art, following the “Indochina” and “Revolution” periods.

Initially, Tho started by sketching workers in factories, construction sites, mines, and on farms before delving into impressionism, expressionism, and abstract painting.

A lacquer painting depicting a young girl in Hanoi. Photo: Thien Dieu / Tuoi Tre

A painting by Nguyen Ngoc Tho. Photo: Thien Dieu / Tuoi Tre

An abstract lacquer painting by Nguyen Ngoc Tho featuring a whirlwind. Photo: Thien Dieu / Tuoi Tre

A nanny goat and kid in a painting by Nguyen Ngoc Tho. Photo: Thien Dieu / Tuoi Tre