This is the first documentary about Vietnam’s coffee culture and philosophy, produced by Warner Bros. Discovery in collaboration with Vietnamese coffee chain Trung Nguyen Legend.

Discovery spent over a year studying and launching the documentary.

They spent over one month filming and interviewing many people in Vietnam, China, the United States, and the United Kingdom, among others.

The post-production was completed in two months before the documentary was broadcast in Australia and New Zealand.

It will be later on air in Vietnam, the Republic of Korea, Japan, China, India, and other Asian countries and territories on the Discovery Channel on November 30 this week.

‘The Tao of Coffee’ offers a multi-dimensional, practical, and objective perspective on Vietnam’s coffee with statistics and opinions from Vietnamese and international experts, coffee farmers, agricultural engineers, and consumers.

The documentary features the potential and strength of Vietnam’s coffee sector and stories about the country and its culture, people, and desire to integrate into the world.

In the film, Buon Ma Thuot City in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak is introduced as a coffee powerhouse of Vietnam, supplying half of the world’s Robusta coffee.

According to Discovery, Vietnam has continuously developed coffee shop models, improved Robusta coffee quality, and created coffee products from local materials.

Discovery also highlights the local government’s policies that promote coffee cultivation, production, and business in the country, increasing the area of coffee farms and productivity, as well as boosting enterprises’ creativity and ambition to enhance the cultural and brand values of Vietnam’s coffee.

‘The Tao of Coffee’ mentions Trung Nguyen Legend as the leading firm in transforming coffee from a simple beverage into a way of life.