The purpose of the event is to promote the country’s achievements in socio-economic and cultural development, as well as its efforts in protecting human rights, through the contributions of people from various backgrounds, both locally and internationally.

The submitted entries should be diverse images that showcase the country, providing everyone, regardless of their location, with an opportunity to experience the authentic and warm life in different regions of Vietnam.

In addition, the event will create a platform for individuals of Vietnamese descent living abroad and foreigners from around the world to explore Vietnamese culture, fostering a deeper connection with the country and its people as we work together towards the common goal of building a joyful and prosperous nation.
Participants who are 15 years old and above can find detailed information about the contest and submit their photos and videos online at from March 20 to August 20.

According to the organizing committee, approximately 100 to 150 outstanding works will be selected for an exhibition dedicated to promoting Vietnam’s image and sharing information both domestically and internationally.