‘The Dancing Universe’ was chosen as one of the winners of the prestigious manga award out of 587 entries from international authors, according to Vietnamese comic company Comicola. This is the fifth Vietnamese comic to receive this honor. Previously, ‘Dragon Land’ and ‘Rain on a Moon Night’ won bronze awards in 2012 and 2022 respectively, while ‘Holy Dragon Imperator’ and ‘Gateway to Underworld’ received silver awards in 2015 and 2016. Nachi Nguyen, also known as Nguyen Huong Giang, expressed her surprise and joy at winning the award, as she did not have high expectations for her work. ‘The Dancing Universe’ was still incomplete when the 17th Japan International Manga Award started accepting submissions, but as the contest allowed one-shot entries, Nguyen decided to submit it. The series depicts the daily lives of celestial bodies such as the Sun, Earth, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus, who work together to protect life on Earth. Nguyen aims to explain the universe in an accessible way, making astrophysics more understandable to a broader audience. The first episode is expected to be released in spring 2024. The Japan International Manga Awards were established in 2007 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to promote international exchange and mutual understanding through manga culture. This prestigious contest attracts hundreds of authors worldwide.

An extract from a page of ‘The Dancing Universe’