D.T.B., 43, has passed away, but his heart, liver, and two kidneys still survive in the bodies of others, as confirmed by Viet Duc University Hospital in Hanoi.

N.T.H., the wife of B., shared that they were married in 2008 and have faced numerous challenges together while raising their son and daughter. Despite their obstacles, B. worked as a cargo transporter, while H. took on various roles including rice farmer, scrap trader, and domestic helper to make ends meet. Recently, their family was able to move to a larger home after living in a nine-square-meter house.

Unfortunately, H. has been battling thyroid disease for the past eight years and it developed into thyroid cancer last year. While undergoing treatment at an oncology hospital, she received the devastating news of her husband’s collapse after work. B. was taken to the General Hospital of Agriculture where doctors discovered that he had suffered a brain hemorrhage and his heart had stopped.

Despite the immense loss, H. honored her husband’s wish to donate his organs. B. had expressed his desire to donate his organs after watching a report on organ donation in 2009, believing that it could help others continue their lives. Even though her family protested, H. had her husband’s body transferred to Viet Duc University Hospital so that his organs could be donated.

H. bravely shared, “Whenever someone expressed concern about his pain, I would smile and say that it was his wish. Though he is gone, he still did something good for life.”

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