Da Nang, Hoi An, and Da Lat are three of the most sought-after places by Vietnamese tourists in the summer of 2022.

Da Nang topped the top 10 places chosen by Vietnamese tourists to travel in the summer of 2022. Photo: TL

Booking.com, one of the online travel companies, recently released the latest travel search trends, thereby showing the most popular places for Vietnamese tourists to spend the summer of 2022.

In the context that restrictions on the tourism industry are gradually being lifted, the world is opening up more strongly after the pandemic, this summer marks a promising return for Vietnamese tourists. The latest Booking.com data shows that travelers are paying even more attention than in 2019, pre-pandemic, to travel.

And a palpable love of beaches – or tropical sunshine, golden sands, and waves.

Data from Booking.com shows that Vietnamese tourists tend to choose beaches as vacation destinations. Da Nang is the most searched city this summer, followed by Hoi An and Da Lat.

According to this online travel company, with a 3260km long beach, crystal clear sea water and many ‘photogenic’ addresses, it is not surprising that Vietnamese beaches dominate the top 10 search trends in the country.

Vietnam’s beautiful coastline and islands are the ideal destinations to enjoy the tropical climate and indulge in refreshing water activities.

From Da Nang, Mui Ne, to Phu Quoc, here are the top 10 most searched places by Vietnamese tourists in the summer of 2022 (the numbers in brackets show the change compared to the same period in 2019 – the time when there was no Covid-19 epidemic).

1. Da Nang
2. Hoi An (+2)
3. Da Lat (-1)
4. Phu Quoc (+1)
5. Nha Trang (-2)
6. Vung Tau (+2)
7. Ha Long
8. Quy Nhon (-2)
10. Mui Ne (+1)

With the top 15 destinations (domestic and international) most searched by Vietnamese tourists in the summer of 2022, Singapore and Bangkok lead the search for foreign travel by Vietnamese.

Singapore leads the search for outbound travel by Vietnamese.

One reason for this may be the fact that Vietnamese tourists do not need to apply for a visa when visiting these two countries, and both Singapore and Thailand have removed the requirement to provide vaccination certificates for those traveling to Vietnam. with fully vaccinated visitors.

According to Booking.com’s Travel Confidence Index 2022, 45% of Vietnamese travelers plan to travel to famous and popular countries for vacation (with a maximum travel time of 8 hours), Singapore and Bangkok is also in this category.

Research based on searches from May 16 to 29, 2022 with check-in dates from July 1 to August 31, 2022.

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