Speaking at the event, Aleksandr Sergeevich Chernikov, Dean of the Faculty of International Education Programme, emphasized the longstanding friendship and mutual support between Russia and Vietnam. He highlighted the academic achievements of Vietnamese students, who have received numerous awards in mathematics, physics, and other subjects. Moreover, he stated that the cultural exchange program provides an opportunity for Russians to gain insights into Vietnamese culture, the country, and its people.

Vuong Dac Thang, Vietnamese Defence Attache in Russia, praised the global reputation of Bauman University and the significant roles that many Vietnamese alumni have assumed in research agencies and the government of Vietnam. He expressed gratitude to the university for its continuous support and attention to Vietnamese students’ academic and social activities.

The event featured a diverse range of activities that immersed participants in Vietnamese culture. This included a photo exhibition showcasing the picturesque landscapes of Vietnam, traditional folk games, dances, and authentic Vietnamese dishes.