The closing plenary of the UPU’s fourth Extraordinary Congress on Thursday (local time) in Saudi Arabia awarded him the prize.

This is the first time a student from Ben Tre Province has won a prize in the global UPU contest.

The first prize was won by a student from Kenya, while the second prize went to a student from Portugal.

The competition this year saw the participation of students from 38 nations and territories.

During the 52nd edition, participating children aged between nine and 15 were required to write a letter explaining the superpowers they would need to make roads safe for all children.

In his letter, Duy portrays himself as a superhero named S-24/7 dedicated to protecting children around the world from traffic accidents.

The panel of judges consisted of Agostina Massarini from the International Road Federation, Jon Cerezo Abeijon from the UN Economic Commission for Europe, and Annie Hammenrudh from the UN Department for Safety and Security.

Dao Khuong Duy attends the award ceremony for the Universal Postal Union (UPU)’s 52nd International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People in Saudi Arabia on October 5, 2023. Photo: Supplied

Dao Khuong Duy attends the awards ceremony for the Universal Postal Union (UPU)’s 52nd International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People in Saudi Arabia, October 5, 2023. Photo: Supplied

The panel highly appreciated the winners’ creativity, knowledge, and imagination, as well as the affection and desire expressed in their letters.

Hammenrudh expressed her admiration for the Vietnamese student’s letter.

At the awards ceremony, the three winners had the opportunity to read their letters and have conversations with Marjan Osvald, the UPU’s deputy director general.

“I am extremely happy and surprised by this prestigious award. Both my family and school are delighted,” said Duy from Huynh Tan Phat Middle School.

Duy, dressed in his school uniform consisting of a white shirt and dark pants, attended the awards ceremony.

On this occasion, the Vietnamese student presented coconut candies, a specialty of the Mekong Delta province, as well as bamboo dragonflies, a traditional craft product, to the other two winners and the organizers, with the intention of promoting the image of Vietnam to international friends.

“Coconut candy is delicious and bamboo dragonflies are beautiful. I hope that the recipients will always remember me, a Vietnamese student, as they enjoy the candy and admire the toys,” Duy said before his trip to Saudi Arabia to receive the prize.