Underway in Hai Phong information, exhibition and cinema centre, the exhibition also displays three books featuring selections of artworks by 100 painters from Hai Phong and Gwangju released by three Korean publishing houses.

Addressing the launch of the event, Vice Chairwoman Dang Thi Thuy of the Hai Phong Union of Literature and Arts Association noted that it is a cultural exchange event between the two cities, aiming to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Vietnam-RoK diplomatic relations (1992 – 2022).

The exhibits were created with different materials and in various styles, telling stories about life, nature and people. They highlight unique elements of Vietnamese and RoK fine arts, as well as the similarities and distinctions between the two countries’ arts and culture.

It provides an opportunity for the two sides to exchange practices, views and techniques in fine arts and to better understand each other’s arts and culture.