The photo depicts fishing nets arranged in the coastal area of Phu Yen, a central province. The arrangement creates the shape of a dolphin swimming in the sea. A remarkable moment captured is when a fisherman’s small basket boat, painted red, maneuvers into the perfect position, perfectly aligning with the dolphin shape and showcasing a detailed eye.

“The delicate wisps of the fishing net hang beautifully beneath the water’s surface, resembling a majestic sea creature,” remarked Ruben Wu, a judge of the contest and a visual artist and photographer.

Thai Viet Hoan, the winner of the competition, was awarded a cash prize of US$10,000.

The ASUS ProArtist Awards 2023, with the theme “Seeing an Incredible Future,” aims to inspire creators to convey their vision of a hopeful and sustainable environment through their art.

This year, the competition received numerous entries from more than 100 countries, serving as a platform for creators to share their personal thoughts and stories with the world. Entrants competed in four categories: Photography, Graphic Design, Film, and Animation.