The event will see the movie titled “The Unburied Sounds of a Troubled Horizon” directed by Tuan Andrew Nguyen compete in the category of “Undercurrent”. The film draws inspiration from people who reside in the central province of Quang Tri, an area which is one of the most heavily bombed areas in history.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese film “Fix Anything” directed Le Lam Vien will compete against 16 other movies in the category of “Southeast Asian Short Film Competition”. The 15 minute-movie tells the story of a father who ropes in his son for exploits using his DIY ‘memory eraser’ van in a sci-fi comedy which depicts their one-night adventure.

“Fix Anything” will also compete with “What the hell” by director Nguyen Thi Xuan Trang in the “Southeast Asian Film Lab” category. The category consists of programmes which provide a collaborative space for Southeast Asian filmmakers who are embarking on their first feature-length film project.

By attending the festival, young directors will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with professional filmmakers and participate in a speech contest for the “Most Promising Project” and “Fellowship Prize” awards.

Founded in 1987, the annual Singapore International Film Festival is one of the most significant film festivals throughout Asia.