The film depicts the journey of a woman who returns to Vietnam from Germany, carrying the ashes of her estranged husband.

Lan, who was born and raised in Hanoi, studied urban planning at Hanoi Architectural University before teaching himself the art of filmmaking. He has already gained recognition for his short films, having presented Another City in 2016 and Blessed Land in 2019 at the Berlinale. Cu Li Khong Bao Gio Khoc marks his debut as a feature film director.

Since 2006, the Berlinale has been dedicated to supporting emerging filmmakers through the GWFF Best First Feature Award. This prestigious award is accompanied by a generous prize of 50,000 euros, donated by GWFF (Gesellschaft zur Wahrnehmung von Film- und Fernsehrechten), an organization committed to protecting film and television rights. For the year 2024, a total of 16 debut directorial feature films from various sections such as Competition, Encounters, Panorama, Forum, and Generation have been nominated for the award.