Vietnamese millennial travellers consider mobile devices essential during trips

Compared to preceding generations, millennials are influential in the emergence of new technologies, new experiences and new travel styles, according to a report from Outbox Consulting, which specialises in tourism and hospitality in Vietnam.

Vietnamese millennial travellers consider mobile devices essential during trips
The frequency of using mobile phones for seeking travel information of Vietnamese millennial travelers. Photo Outbox Consulting

The report “Mobile Device Usage Habits of Vietnamese Millennial Travelers in Their Travels” conducted a survey of 246 Vietnamese millennials (26-35 years old).

Millennials (the generation with birth years from 1981 to 1996) often set travel trends. Not only do mobile devices play an indispensable part during trips but the frequency of use of mobile phones to seek travel information is also very high.

Around 72.3 per cent of millennial travellers said that they find it comfortable to use mobile phones throughout their travel journey, from looking for ideas and booking services to planning detailed itineraries for their trips.

However, up to 13.8 per cent of Vietnamese millennial travellers surveyed stated that they still find it inconvenient to use mobile devices to look for information, book services or make travel plans.

Vietnamese millennial travellers use mobile devices most commonly for taking photographs, checking in and sharing information about destinations, and looking for different places and tourist attractions at the destination.

When searching for information as well as carrying out tasks like booking services or making payments, Vietnamese millennials favour using website platforms with higher reliability and more connecting functions over application platforms.

More than 42 per cent use mobile phones regularly as a tool to seek ideas and information related to destinations and travel activities, and 22.8 per cent often use them besides other information searching tools.


Around 44.4 per cent of those who surveyed said that social media, particularly Facebook, provides a great way to learn about new travel experiences.

In addition, YouTube (24.4 per cent), with the explosion of travel vlog channels and travel bloggers with growing diversity and significant influence, has also become a channel for travel inspiration and ideas.

Vietnamese millennials prefer using websites to search for information and mobile data to access the Internet at the destination. The need for continuous connection and updates at the destination is also a distinctive characteristic of Vietnamese millennial travellers.

Considering this generation’s increasing purchasing power along with their habit of using mobile devices in travel activities, destination marketing organisations as well as travel service providers should take into account speed, mobile optimization, and application development trends.

Travel agencies need to consider how to apply technologies such as voice technology, computer technology and predictive analytics to engross business travellers and leisure travellers.  VNS