After the successes at the D17/20 – Design in Southeast Asia exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand in February, the lacquer works of Ha Thai village by Hanoia and three young French designers are attracting the world’s attention again at Paris Design Week, taking place from September 3-12, 2020.

Paris Design Week 2020 features the participation of more than 250 famous interior designers from around the world, displaying unique art products used in life and ideas on renovation and interior decoration.

In particular, "D17 / 20 Design in Southeast Asia" project was featured in the event. The project has connected 43 designers from France, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam in 18 local craft workshops, with more than 100 products on display. The project was initiated by the French Embassy in Thailand in 2017. It aims to preserve and develop traditional crafts in Southeast Asia through creating opportunities for young designers to meet and work with local artisans.

Of which, Vietnamese representatives have three works that have been highly lauded in terms of design style and use value, including a vase “Sépale” by Guillaume Delvigne, a lamp by Pierre Charié and a mirror set by Marie-Aurore. The designers used different lacquer and material skills to create unique and attractive features in each product.

The successful works were created by Hanoia’s artisans and talented designers Pierre Charié, Marie-Aurore and Guillaume Delvigne at Hanoia’s workshop in Ha Thai Village and a rattan and bamboo workshop in Ninh So Village over just two weeks.

Their collaboration was supported by the Embassy of France and the French Institute in Vietnam.

Representatives of Hanoia have expressed their hope that Paris Design Week 2020 would bring them in a new direction in terms of the development of their products, along with contributing to the promotion of Vietnamese traditional handicrafts to the world.