On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic relations, the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi announced a street food initiative to promote the culinary culture of both countries.

As part of the project, two Vietnamese chefs and one Japanese chef will collaborate to create new dishes that blend traditional Vietnamese and Japanese cooking techniques and ingredients, showcasing culinary solidarity.

The recipes for these innovative dishes will be featured on the organizing board’s website at https://jp-culinaryfes.vn, along with an opportunity for online voting.

Renowned Vietnamese cuisine researcher in Japan, Chef Shinobu Ito, will contribute two dishes created from simple yet representative ingredients of both culinary traditions. These dishes include Okonomiyaki-flavored grilled rice paper and grilled rice balls flavored with fish sauce.

The two Vietnamese chefs, Huynh Thanh Lam and Nguyen Ba Phuoc, will present a unique fusion of popular Vietnamese street food and Japanese flavors. Their dishes will include sweet potato cakes with cod in spicy sauce, sea bass fillet sandwiches, lotus root tempura, and grilled chicken skewers with spicy miso sauce.

Out of the six dishes developed by this talented trio, the three with the highest number of votes will be served at the Japanese Cultural Festival scheduled to take place in Hanoi next month.

In addition, the organizers will provide free e-books containing the recipes for these six dishes, along with cooking instructions from the chefs themselves.

Through this culinary exchange event and the sharing of these recipes, the organizers aspire to not only offer a taste of these dishes to people in both countries but also envision them becoming beloved household foods in the years to come.

The Japanese Cultural Festival, featuring a range of unique cultural, culinary, and music exchanges, is slated to commence in Hanoi on November 12.