As a result of the nomination the movie will participate in the Foreign Language Section. It will be competing against more than 100 other works from over 60 countries and territories globally.

However, this is not an official list of nominees, while the official list will be announced on December 12 by the Golden Globe Awards.

Currently, American director Aaron Toronto and his wife Nha Uyen, who is the main actress and screenwriter, are in the United States preparing to take part in promotional activities to help the film enter the official nomination list.

The story of “Dem Toi Ruc Ro” starts at the funeral of a grandfather whose family members believe left them a fortune. However, his children find out that their father lost the fortune gambling and the mafia is coming to collect the debt. They must pay the money by sunrise, or else there will be another funeral.

The awards ceremony of the Golden Globe Awards is expected to take place in the US on January 11, 2023.