Tran Thanh, both the director and producer of the movie, has confirmed that it will be presented to international audiences in over 100 theaters worldwide.

“Mai” was released locally during the 2024 Lunar New Year festival and has since broken numerous records in terms of ticket sales, making it the highest-grossing movie in Vietnamese cinema history.

Within one month of its release, it surpassed the earnings of another film directed by Tran Thanh in 2023, titled “Nha Ba Nu” (Mrs. Nu’s Family), making a total of VND540.7 billion (approximately US$22 million).

“Mai” is the first 18+ movie by Tran Thanh and had a production cost of nearly VND50 billion.

The story focuses on the life of Mai, a massage therapist, and her love affair with Duong, a young musician. Conflict arises as Mai’s lack of self-confidence prevents her from accepting the affection of a man seven years her junior.