The surgical procedure was performed by a team of experts led by Prof. Dr. Pham Manh Hung, the director of the institute. The operation took place on Friday afternoon and was reported by the Vietnam News Agency.

The procedure was broadcast live at the 33rd Annual Live Interventions in Vascular Endotherapy (Singapore Live 2024) and the 13th CTO Interventions Live Course 2024. These are annual international conferences held at the Raffles City Convention Center in Singapore from January 25-27.

The patient, an 80-year-old woman, had multiple underlying health conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, and kidney failure. She previously had her right kidney removed due to kidney stones, and now only has her left kidney.

The patient was initially treated at a local hospital before being transferred to the institute. She had extensive coronary artery damage with narrowed arterial segments and calcification in all three coronary artery branches.

Due to the high risk of complications associated with open-heart surgery, the surgical team decided to perform angioplasty and stent insertion instead.

During the procedure, the doctors utilized various medical techniques to overcome the challenges posed by the patient’s complex health conditions and ensure her safety.

The successful intervention, which lasted for approximately one hour, received high praise from leading cardiologists in the region. It demonstrated the international integration capability of Vietnam’s interventional cardiology sector and showcased the expertise of Vietnamese cardiovascular doctors in the global medical field.

In addition to the Vietnam National Heart Institute, 14 other interventional cardiology centers worldwide were invited to perform live cardiological interventions at the conference. The event is one of the most prestigious scientific conferences on cardiology in the Asia-Pacific region.

Interventional cardiology is a non-surgical approach that utilizes a catheter to repair damaged or weakened vessels, narrow arteries, or other affected areas of the heart structure.

Vietnam currently has 129 interventional cardiology centers across the country, and these facilities have achieved significant success in various interventions, particularly acute myocardial infarctions.