The event featured a series of videos showcasing the stunning landscapes, vibrant cultures, and delicious cuisines of several regions and ethnic groups in Vietnam. Viewers were treated to breathtaking views, captivating stories, and tantalizing flavors that each region had to offer. With the help of these videos, viewers were able to gain a better understanding of the unique beauty of each place in the country.

Visitors also had the chance to take part in traditional Vietnamese paper cutting games and create beautiful paper handicraft products.

Addressing the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Mongolia Doan Khanh Tam expressed his gratitude to the Mongolian Culture Council and Mongol Art Gallery for organizing such an engaging and meaningful event that allowed countries and territories to come together and foster cultural exchange and tourism collaboration.

He also highlighted the importance of cultural ties and humanistic exchanges between countries and territories, as well as the essential role children play in building a better future.

The second Spotlight International Art 2023 aimed to introduce cultural characteristics of the participating countries through a variety of games and folk art forms. It provided an opportunity to explore different countries’ cultures, and to discover the beauty of the world.

As part of this festival, embassies and representative agencies of countries and territories had the chance to showcase their countries’ tourism potential, strengths, and resources through videos. By doing so, they could highlight the unique characteristics that make their nations stand out and attract more visitors. Through these videos, viewers were able to gain a better understanding of the diverse culture, attractions, and experiences each country has to offer. Additionally, the videos also served as a platform to promote the country’s history, art, cuisine, and more. As a result, the festival was an invaluable opportunity for the different countries to showcase their unique offerings to the world.