The #SocialForGoodVN programme is set to go live on the Facebook pages of actor Quyen Linh and actress Nguyen Ha My, also known as Sam, at 7:20pm on April 17. The stream will also be broadcast on the fan pages of YEAH1, YAN, Dat Viet, Dien Quan, EyePlus, Cat Tien Sa, MCV, Multimedia, BHD, Orion Media, BH Media, and Next Media.

Both Quyen Linh and Sam will be emcees for the programme, with the pair poised to be joined by other Vietnamese artists as they discuss hot topics related to the COVID-19 and share messages sent in by numerous celebrities.

Through #SocialForGoodVN, Facebook Vietnam will be launching the #ỞNhàLàNhất challenge with the aim of encouraging members of the community to share the unique and interesting activities they have been doing while staying at home.

In addition, Vietnamese celebrities will be using the platform to raise funds to support medical workers, COVID-19 patients, and suspected cases.

Facebook users will be able to take part in the #ỞNhàLàNhất challenge by posing for photographs or creating videos to showcase fun and creative ideas necessary for turning outdoor activities into fun indoor activities.

Those looking to participate in the livestream must upload images or videos onto their Facebook pages, using the hashtags #ONhaLaNhat, #HomePossibleChallenge, #fb4vn, and #ChungTayDayLuiCovid19.