Mai Chau Culture Resort, Grand Tourane Nha Trang Hotel, and Ambassador Cruise Restaurants are several brands among the finalists of the Asia Architecture Design Awards 2023 (AADA).

AADA categories include Best Resort Architecture Design, Best Hotel Architecture Design, Best Resort Interior Design, Best Lighting Design, and Best Furniture Accessories, among others.

 Tre Dining in HCM City is listed as one of the Best F&B Architecture designs. Photo: Tre Dining

Those from Vietnam made an impressive display on the shortlist, demonstrating their architectural prowess.

From May 30 to June 25, the jury will begin their work with 20 influential experts from various fields, including architecture, design, and real estate from Singapore, Thailand, Italy, and the UAE.

 The Ngõ Alley House is listed in the categroy: Best Residential Architecture Design. Photo: Alley House

The Asia Architecture Awards 2023 winners will be officially announced on the official AADA website ( and various social media platforms on July 10, allowing the recognition of exceptional talent to reach a wider audience.

The highly anticipated awards ceremony is scheduled in Singapore in August 2023. Beyond its role in celebrating remarkable achievements, the ceremony serves as a dynamic platform for architects across Asia to connect, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration.

Together, the Asia Architecture Design Awards 2023 showcase the remarkable talent and innovation shaping the architectural landscape across Asia, setting the stage for a future of exceptional design.