Tran Quang Dao, Vo Khac Nghiem, and Vinh Quyen were honored as winners of the SEA Writers Award in 2019, 2020, and 2021, respectively.

Tran Quang Dao received recognition for his work titled “Bay Trong Mơ” (Flying in the dream), while Vo Khac Nghiem was honored for his work “Thị Lộ chính danh” (Main Road). In addition, Vinh Quyen was presented with the award for his work “Trong vô tận” (In the endless).

Established in 1979 with support from the Thai Royal family, the annual SEA Writers Award acknowledges and celebrates the literary contributions of contemporary poets and writers from Southeast Asian countries.

The SEA Writers Award has also been bestowed upon several other Vietnamese writers and poets, including Nguyen Ngoc Tu (2008), Cao Duy Son (2009), Nguyen Nhat Anh (2010), Bang Viet (2003), Nguyen Khai (2000), Nguyen Duc Mau (2001), Le Van Thao (2006), To Huu (1996), Ma Van Khang (1998), Tran Van Tuan (2007), Huu Thinh (1999), as well as Nguyen The Quang, Tran Hung, and Le Minh Khue in 2019.