The art group consists of 12 members who are lecturers, students & artisans from the Tra Vinh province of Vietnam.

In the course of history, the Khmer people in Vietnam and the peoples in Southeast Asia have received and transformed classic literary works of India. The popularity of the epic Ramayana in Vietnam is highlighted through the cultural activities of the Khmer community, an ethnic group in Vietnam, who received and transformed the epic Ramayana into a literary classic of their own through a new name ‘Riềm-kê’.

The cultural stage of Magh Punni Mela in Chatitsgarh welcomed Vietnamese artists with a round of applause. The group performed various episodes from Ramayana and were well received by Indian audiance.

The art group from Tra Vinh University was overwhelmed by the love and warmth they received from every part of India. The folk dresses/attire and presentation of Ram-Sita Characters were appreciated by all. Vietnamese artists also feel enriched by watching various form of epic presented by Indian artists.

On 14 February, the art group started performance for India and returned to Vietnam with a lots of pleasant memories to cherish throughout their lives.