The AEON Group’s member, AEON 1% Club Foundation, sponsored the annual event. This event was organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Japan. 50 Vietnamese students and 50 Japanese students participated in this event, which took place from November 13 to November 19. The aim of the event, according to Yoshiki Mori, the President of the foundation, is to foster friendship between the two countries, providing a platform for Japanese youths and their peers from other nations to directly interact and deepen their understanding of each other’s culture and history. The event included various activities such as watching a video on the history of Vietnam-Japan relations, singing the song “Friendship” in both Vietnamese and Japanese, cultural performances, and enjoying typical Vietnamese dishes. Vu Thi Lien Huong, who is in charge of the embassy’s education section, answered questions regarding preparations to become diplomats, excelling in foreign languages, and applying language skills in diplomatic work. In the upcoming days, the students will have the opportunity to visit notable places including the National Diet building, the Prime Minister’s Office, the University of Tokyo, and experience traditional Japanese culture.