The only Vietnamese representative teams from Hoang Thanh Thang Long and Trang An, both from Hoa Binh University, were awarded the third and consolation prizes respectively.

They were able to outperform the other 576 contenders in Asia to place among the Top 20, alongside representatives from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau (China), Tajikistan, and Vietnam.

Each team put on a 10-minute presentation detailing solutions aimed at preserving cultural heritage and boosting tourism in the Asian region.

The Contest was first launched by UNESCO in late 2022, with the final round taking place from April 22 to April 26 in Guangzhou, China.

The Asian Cultural Heritage Youth Forum, established in 1997, is a unique event that offers young people the opportunity to participate in preservation and promotion of world heritage. Through a series of engaging discussions and creative workshops, participants gain a deeper understanding of the importance of maintaining cultural heritage. By joining the event, they can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to help protect and promote these valuable traditions.