The festival aims to promote friendship and solidarity among Asian countries, as well as between Romania and the participating countries. It provides an opportunity for Romanian people to enhance their understanding of the rich and diverse cultures of Asian countries.

The Vietnamese booth attracted numerous visitors, particularly young people, with its display of Nón lá (conical hats) and photographs and paintings showcasing the landscape and culture of Vietnam.

Visitors also had the chance to witness Áo Dài (traditional long dress) shows and dances, offering them an insight into Vietnamese women’s traditional attire and its cultural significance.

Throughout the festival, the Vietnamese Embassy showcased a variety of traditional dishes such as Bánh mì (Vietnamese baguettes) and Nem (spring rolls), as well as key Vietnamese agricultural products like tea and coffee that are exported.

The Vietnamese booth, along with booths from China, Bangladesh, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Japan, India, and the Republic of Korea, left a lasting impression on the attendees.