Variety, an American magazine, reported that a spokesperson from Warner Bros. Film Group stated that the map in Barbie Land is a child-like crayon drawing. The doodles on the map depict Barbie’s fictional journey from Barbie Land to the real world. The spokesperson clarified that the intention was not to make any type of statement. Vi Kien Thanh, head of the Vietnam Cinema Department, responded to Warner Bros.’ explanation, stating that he has not received any information about it and upholds the ban on the movie. Thanh also mentioned that he does not pay attention to images of the Barbie movie circulating on social media. According to Variety, representatives for director Greta Gerwig and Warner Bros. declined to comment on specific plot points to avoid spoilers. The movie features Margot Robbie as Barbie, who lives in her pink dream world and embarks on a journey of self-discovery after an existential crisis. The film was originally scheduled to be released in Vietnam on July 21, but it has been banned due to the presence of the illicit “nine-dash line” depicted in some scenes, which China uses to claim sovereignty over parts of the East Vietnam Sea. This is not the first movie to be barred in Vietnam for featuring the nine-dash line. Previously, Vietnam has blocked or removed films from cinemas that contain the illegal map. For example, last year, America’s ‘Uncharted’, starring Tom Holland, was blocked in Vietnam for featuring the illicit nine-dash line. Stay updated on the latest news about Vietnam by following us on Facebook or Twitter.