Visitors at the Vietnamese booth were treated to a variety of special dishes showcasing the unique flavors of Vietnam.

Senhora Julie-Pascale Moudoute Bell, chairwoman of Brasília international club, expressed sincere gratitude to the Vietnamese Embassy for coordinating with the club to host the festival.

She emphasized that the festival provided an opportunity for countries to exchange ideas, learn about different cultures, and explore cuisine from around the world.

With the participation of 150 members of Brasília international club, the festival aimed to convey a message of peace, solidarity, and friendship, as well as to wish everyone happiness, prosperity, and bountiful crops.

Festas Juninas, also known as festas de São João, are celebrated annually on June 24. These festivities were introduced by the Portuguese during the colonial period (1500-1822) and are now celebrated nationwide in June.

During the festival, people dress up in traditional peasant clothing, wear chequered shirts and skirts, and put on straw hats. They also paint on moustaches, goatees, and freckles. Women style their hair in pigtails. These costumes are paired with country music, or forrό, which is performed as a square dance.

Participants also have the opportunity to play games and sample various foods throughout the festival.