The organizing board has called for artists from five Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, to participate in the competition initiated by Singapore’s United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB). This competition is a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their talents and gain recognition in the region. All of the participating countries will have a chance to demonstrate their creativity, skill, and artistry to the international community. Participants will be judged on their artwork’s originality, technique, and visual impact. The winning artist will receive a prestigious award and recognition from UOB.

Luong Xuan Doan, chairman of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association and head of the jury, said that the jury will evaluate the entries based on criteria such as the beauty of the national cultural identity, the value of new messages, creativity, and new expression techniques.

The top winner of the competition in Vietnam will be awarded a staggering cash prize of VND500 million (US$21,300) and a unique opportunity to compete in the regional round.

The programme identity design for this year’s contest was inspired by last year’s winning work, “Dystopia” by Thai artist Chomrawi Suksom. Drawing on the visual motifs of “Dystopia,” this year’s programme identity design conveys a sense of creativity, innovation, and artistic excellence. It seeks to capture the essence of the contest and the spirit of the artist who created it. Through its bold use of colour and dynamic composition, the design pays homage to the original work while introducing a modern twist.

The winning works of the national round will be announced and exhibited at an exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City in October.

Submissions are open from May 9 to August 6.