Insider Monkey has compiled a list of the top 20 Asian countries and territories with the most beautiful women, taking into account both natural beauty and the influence of cosmetic surgery. An interesting read, the list recognizes the appeal of Asian women and the growing popularity of cosmetic procedures in the region.

Vietnam, known for its exquisite natural landscapes, also boasts beautiful women with delicate features, smooth skin, and graceful poise. Their unique allure has earned Vietnam a spot on the list, with a score of 0.9 points from Insider Monkey.

The publication notes a surge in cosmetic procedures among Vietnamese women in recent years, contributing to the country’s rising status as a top destination for affordable plastic surgery. With competitive prices, such as $1,000 for a nose job and $2,000 for breast augmentation, Vietnam is now a go-to place for those seeking cosmetic enhancements.

Topping the list is South Korea, a country often regarded as the ‘beauty capital of the world.’ With a score of one point from Insider Monkey, South Korea’s beauty industry is a force to be reckoned with. One in every five women in the country opts for plastic surgery, and young women spend an average of $700 per month on skincare, driving the country’s cosmetics market to projected revenues of $1.76 billion by 2024.

Japan takes second place with 0.95 points, followed by the Philippines, Iran, Malaysia, India, China, Singapore, and Thailand, respectively. These countries showcase a diverse range of cultural definitions of beauty, each captivating in its own right.

Insider Monkey’s list continues with Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Bhutan, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Laos, showcasing the diverse and captivating beauty of Asian women. The website’s ranking is based on a comprehensive approach, taking into account multiple sources and opinions to determine the most beautiful women in Asia.

The beauty industry’s influence is undeniable, with the Asia-Pacific facial care market projected to reach a staggering $88.4 billion by 2031. Additionally, the global facial skincare market is expected to surge to $169.57 billion by 2033, reflecting a compound annual growth rate of 5.84%. These figures underscore the significant role the beauty industry plays in shaping perceptions and enhancing natural features.

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