She made the statement at the ministry’s regular press conference on July 16 in answering questions regarding the resumption of overseas flights in the context of COVID-19 being largely controlled in Vietnam. Vietnam News Agency reported.

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Last few days, the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam has put forward a proposal to the Government for consideration of resuming six international air routes in Asia.  The proposed routes are Da Nang-Guangzhou (China), Ha Noi-Seoul (the Republic of Korea), Ha Noi-Tokyo (Japan), Ho Chi Minh City-Chinese Taipei, Quang Ninh-Vientiane (Laos) and Can Tho-Phnom Penh (Cambodia). The Asia Insiders citing a report from the Vietnam Government Portal.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she said, has informed a number of foreign agencies in Vietnam about plans to resume flights, which have been mentioned above from mid-July, on the basis of ensuring compliance with prevention measures to ensure the coronavirus does not spread in the community.

According to a report by Vietnam News, Ministry of Transport is also holding discussions with relevant agencies in these countries and territories to reach consensus on flight and route specifics, Hang added.

In the immediate future, Vietnam will prioritize people currently allowed to enter the country, including Vietnamese citizens, foreign experts, investors, business managers, and skilled workers, those entering for diplomatic and official purposes, and a number of other special cases, she said.

People who enter Vietnam must comply with medical quarantine rules and undergo appropriate quarantine measures in line with regulations.