Vietnam field kitchen leaves imprints at Army Games 2020

Spring rolls, fried shrimp, crispy roast pork ... become the specialty of the Vietnam field kitchen at Army Games 2020 taking place in Russia.


vietnam field kitchen leaves imprints at army games 2020
Visitors to Army Games 2020 expressed interest in Vietnamese cuisine processed by the “foster brothers” of the Vietnam People’s Army. Photo: People’s Army Newspaper.

During the days of Army Games 2020, at Alabino Sports Arena – where the Field Kitchen contest took place, visitors often gather in front of the teams’ areas to visit product displays and enjoy traditional dishes of each country.

In particular, the booth displaying the products of the Vietnam People’s Army Field Team always attracts a large number of visitors. The visitors not only “witnessed in person” the “foster-brothers” of the Vietnamese People’s Army preparing the food, but also enjoyed many specialties with bold Vietnamese flavors.

Colonel Pham Van Khao, Team Leader of the Field Kitchen Team, said that in addition to the contest organizers, the booth also welcomed “diners” from other countries participating in the Field Kitchen contest, the service force, or Russian tourists.

In particular, on the opening day of Army Games 2020, a lot of Vietnamese people living and working in Russia came to visit the team’s booth. The kitchen of the Vietnam People’s Army Field Team is also the focus of foreign media.

After recording and asking carefully about the recipe, foreign reporters did not miss the opportunity to enjoy the food prepared by the Vietnamese “foster brothers”. A Russian reporter shared that the process of preparing Vietnamese dishes is sophisticated, each dish is a mix of diverse ingredients to create a characteristic flavor.

vietnam field kitchen leaves imprints at army games 2020
Visitors queue to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. Photo: People’s Army Newspaper.

Specially, on the opening day of Army Games, many Vietnamese people living in Russia came to encourage the “foster brothers” and enjoy Vietnam traditional dishes.

Colonel Pham Van Khao said that learning from previous years experiences, at Army Games 2020, the “foster brothers” of the Vietnam People’s Army Field Team prepared 600 spring rolls early in the morning, 20kg of crispy roasted pork, 20 kg of red wine sauce beef, a big barrel shrimp snacks and pickles.

In addition, according to Zing News, there are many types of traditional desserts such as bánh trôi, bánh chay to serve visitors.

“Even though we did prepare a lot of food, all of these dishes were taken within 1.5 hours. Many foreign tourists regret the dishes as they keep holding dishes even after they finished. We even gave the dishes prepared for the Tank Team and other service forces to Vietnamese families in Russia ”, Colonel Pham Van Khao share.

vietnam field kitchen leaves imprints at army games 2020
The Field Kitchen contest is an opportunity to promote Vietnamese cuisine to international friends. Photo: People’s Army Newspaper.

Not only cuisine, “made in Vietnam” products such as green bean cake, peanut candy, coffee … also attracted Russian tourists. Many people want to buy them home to use but show regret as they know that this is a confection to promote, not to sell.

“The affection from the visitors for the Vietnam People’s Army Field Team makes us both happy and proud. That is the motivation for us to prepare more delicious dishes for Army Games 2020 Closing Ceremony ”, emphasized Colonel Pham Van Khao.