In the meeting with the Vietnamese guest, Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso Grau expressed his elation at the successful special cultural and artistic program that was jointly organized by both sides at the Jose Marti Theatre in Havana on April 20th. This event was held to commemorate several important anniversaries of historical milestones in Vietnam-Cuba relations.

The two ministries agreed to coordinate and organize successful cultural exchange programs on the occasion of visits from high-ranking leaders of both countries. They have effectively used these visits to strengthen the bond between the two countries and promote mutual understanding. Through these exchanges, the countries have been able to learn more about each other’s culture and customs, and have developed a deeper appreciation of their shared history. Furthermore, these exchanges have provided a platform for the two countries to explore ways to collaborate and promote further economic and social development.

The Cuban Minister informed their Vietnamese counterpart, Minister Hung, that Cuba would be hosting a forum of culture ministers from the G-77 plus China from May 3-5. The purpose of the forum was to adopt a joint statement affirming the role and contribution of culture to sustainable development. Furthermore, the Cuban Minister extended an invitation to Minister Hung to attend the event and contribute to the compilation of the joint statement, taking into account Vietnam’s many successes in preserving and promoting their cultural heritage.

Minister Hung praised Cuba’s Presidency of the G77 and expressed his support for the country’s endeavors in preparing for the upcoming significant forum. He affirmed his attendance to the forum and declared his intention of delivering a significant speech in the virtual format.

Hung welcomed Cuba’s policy to develop cultural industries and suggested that the country consider developing performance products for export. He said his ministry is willing to provide information and connect firms interested in investing in this aspect.

The two ministers also discussed other potential areas of collaboration, such as Vietnam’s assistance in researching the production of musical equipment in Cuba, translating Vietnamese books and documents on arts and culture for the Cuban people, sharing experience in state management of culture, and organizing cultural exchange programmes.

During his talks on tourism, Minister Juan Carlos García Granda of Cuba emphasized the importance of the industry to the nation and expressed his desire to expand cooperation with Vietnam and other partners to develop tourism. He encouraged Vietnamese investments into specific projects and programmes to develop accommodation facilities and tourism products and services. Minister García Granda also expressed his hope that Vietnam will become one of the main source markets of tourism for Cuba.

The Cuban Minister of Tourism has invited his Vietnamese counterpart to attend the International Tourism Fair to be held in May as part of Cuba’s role as the G77 chair. This event is expected to provide a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and to learn more about their cultures.

Minister Hung proposed that the Cuban side send a list of their 106 tourism projects that are calling for investment to the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, so that they can provide information to Vietnamese firms.

He said the upcoming visit to Vietnam by Minister Juan Carlos García Granda will provide a great opportunity for the two sides to host a tourism forum and an investment promotion conference. During this event, firms and partners from both sides will be able to reach an agreement and sign specific cooperation deals.