The aim of the week-long event is to raise awareness and instill a sense of pride and responsibility in individuals towards preserving and promoting the traditional costume, which is considered a valuable part of our national cultural heritage.

Various cultural activities centered around the Ao Dai will be organized, including a photo contest and a pageant. One of the highlights is a program called “Ao Dai zero dong,” which aims to bring joy to underprivileged women by offering them the opportunity to own a traditional dress.

The week will culminate in a fashion show featuring the participation of the wives of foreign ambassadors from countries such as Morocco, the Czech Republic, and Indonesia.

The event will showcase a collection of Ao Dai designs inspired by famous heritage sites, Vietnamese landscapes, national flags, and diplomatic relations between Vietnam and foreign countries.

Ao Dai Week, organized by the Vietnam Women’s Union, encourages women to wear an Ao Dai between March 1st and March 8th to showcase the charm and elegant beauty of this traditional dress.