Vast vineyard in central Vietnam

Grape wine is prepared – PHOTOS: KHUE VIET TRUONG

HCMC – Thai An grape plantation in the central coast province of Ninh Thuan, which are laden with juicy grapes all year round, are now a provincial attraction.

About 30 kilometers from Ninh Thuan’s Phan Rang City is the vast Thai An Vineyard stretching over tens of kilometers. This grape plantation is taken care of by more than 200 households who owns their grape gardens. Along the way, travelers can see signposts with the name of the grape plantation.

Thai An Vineyard includes many grape gardens. Each is surrounded by fences and has a gate. In some gardens, there are chairs and tables so that visitors can take a rest and enjoy local snacks and drinks made from grapes, such as grape juice, grape wine and raisins. Most of them are home-made and free. 

Entrance to all the grape gardens is free. To enter any of them, travelers park their car or motorbike in front of it and make their visit.

During a recent trip to the Thai An Vineyard, we spontaneously stopped by a garden. Many visitors had been there already and were taking photos and drinking grape wine. Soon after we had sat under the fruit-laden vines in the warm sunlight, hospitable garden keepers treated us to fresh grapes, home-made raisins and grape wine. These products were also for sale.

We next visited Ba Moi, another big vineyard in Hiep Hoa Village around seven kilometers from Phan Rang City. The grape plantation can receive 500-600 guests at a time. Just like in Thai An, visitors were treated to fresh fruits and grape wine. The place was ideal for photo sessions.

To be able to collect grapes throughout the year, farmers make planting plans that allow them to harvest their grapes in turn. Farmers in Phan Rang also raise goats that feed on grape leaves.

In these vineyards, all guests are welcomed for a visit.

Grapevines in Ninh Thuan