The exhibition themed “David Thomas and Friends” displays selected graphic works from the series of C. David Thomas during his struggle with Parkinson’s syndrome over recent years, one of the consequences of his exposure to Agent Orange during the war.

On display are also the works by 21 Vietnamese artists who have been invited to participate in art and culture exchange programmes and activities organised by the Indochina Arts Partnership (a.k.a IAP) over a period of 30 years since 1989 to 2019.

The relationship with David Thomas and IAP goes far beyond the artistic professional exchange, but is instead about sharing common sentiments and spiritual values, including the beauty of arts, healing and building emotions through aesthetics, companionship in life, as well as sympathies for the past and the bright vision of the future.

David Thomas, 77, is a US war veteran and was the first foreigner to be awarded a “For the Culture Cause” medal in recognition of his contribution to Vietnamese culture in 1999. In 2010, he was presented an insignia “For the Cause of Vietnamese Fine Arts” by the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

In 2015 Thomas was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease which he believed to be caused by his exposure to Agent Orange during wartime. After seeing X-ray films of his brain, he created visual images of the battle with the disease.

The works by Thomas displayed in the exhibition are part of the “Photo Hanoi 23” which is the first international photography biennale held in Vietnam initiated by the French Institute in Hanoi.

The exhibition will get underway at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum until April 29.