Forty renowned US artists will be exhibiting their work in a thoughtfully designed two-space gallery. This exhibition is sure to be an exciting opportunity to explore the breadth of American artistry.

The first space, themed “Finding Parkinson’s”, will display artworks by renowned painter David Thomas, who was born in Portland, Maine, in 1946. With a career spanning more than five decades, Thomas has been creating art that speaks to the human experience of Parkinson’s disease. Visitors to the gallery will have the chance to explore Thomas’ works, which range from abstract expressionist paintings to works that explore subjects such as the power of the body in movement. Through his art, Thomas offers a unique insight into the experience of living with Parkinson’s, providing a window into the lives of those affected by the condition. Ultimately, the exhibition aims to shed light on a subject that is often overlooked, creating a space for conversations about the disease and its impact.

He joined the United States Army in 1968 and was subsequently deployed to Vietnam to serve as a combat engineer/artist for one year, from April 11, 1969 to April 10, 1970. After his service, Thomas joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War to protest US involvement in the conflict, with many of his artworks centered on the anti-war movement.

In 2000, he was awarded the “Vietnam Art Medal” by the Vietnamese Government in recognition of his significant contributions to the arts.

The second space will bring together artworks from 37 members of the renowned Boston Printmakers organization. Their works will showcase a diverse range of styles and techniques, providing an exceptional opportunity to appreciate the collective creativity of this esteemed group.

Originally founded in 1947, the Boston Printmakers is dedicated to advancing public knowledge of printmaking, supporting artists working in the medium, and championing excellence and innovation in the field. We strive to foster an environment where creativity and collaboration can flourish, enabling printmakers to explore the endless possibilities of the art form. Through our exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs, we strive to create a vibrant and engaging printmaking community.

Their artworks, themed “Peace, Love, and Understanding”, will be donated to the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum after the exhibition, with the intention of expressing gratitude for the museum’s gracious hospitality to international artists.