The Sonic Ground workshop supports ten micro-budget and independent filmmakers, video artists and artists in Vietnam to gain knowledge on fundamental techniques of sound recording and design, achieve best audio quality with their limited equipment.

The Sonic Ground workshop kicked-off on June 6 in Hanoi. Photo: UNESCO- Vietnam Office

The workshop is organized from June 6 to 10 by UNESCO in collaboration with the Centre for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents (TPD) – Vietnam Cinema Association.

According to the film course organizers, people mainly focus on directing, scripting or cinematography when they comes to filmmaking or film training courses in Vietnam. However, sound is also an extremely important stage in the film industry which has been overlooked in Vietnam for some time now.

Given the context, the primary purposes of the workshop are to provide the trainees with practical skills of optimizing their limited equipment and achieving the best audio quality, introduce them to the technical fundamentals of sound recording and design as well as encourage them to contemplate on the process of conceptualizing and experimenting with sound as a filmic material.

While it is not common to see arguments between filmmakers and other artists’ communities in Vietnam, Sonic Ground is also a unique platform where these two exchange thoughts and ideas on mutual creative elements.

The training workshop series will be facilitated by Arnaud Soulier, a prominent and experienced sound engineer residing in Hanoi. On top of Arnaud’s sessions, there will be screenings and discussions with filmmakers and artists to elaborate on their process and trajectory of creating and mixing images and audio.

Arnaud Soulier gives a speech at the opening ceremony of the workshop. Photo: UNESCO- Vietnam Office 

Other invited speakers for the workshop are mixed-media composer and improviser Tran Kim Ngoc, sound mixer and sound designer Nguyen Khanh Nam and sound artist Nguyen Nhung, among others.

UNESCO Representative to Vietnam Christian Manhart said that on the movie, sound has been overlooked while it has a huge influence on the audience’s attention and imagination. “We truly believe that the workshop Sonic Ground will bring local artists certain understanding of technicality and resources to achieve the desired audio standard and incorporate the visual narrative,” he said.

Sonic Ground is under the project E-motions – Mobilizing film professionals for regional cooperation and Ha Noi Rethink – Mobilizing cultural dynamics and youth participation for Ha Noi Creative Capital, implemented by UNESCO and its partners, with the support from the Japanese Funds-in-Trusts.

The project aims at enhancing the capacity and empowerment of filmmakers and connect domestic filmmakers with their peers in the region via a wide range of activities.