On July 16, during the excavation for the Tam Bac River Renovation Project (Phase 2), construction workers made a surprising discovery. They unearthed a gun while digging a trench to install the sewer.

The authorities were promptly informed, and they quickly arrived at the scene. After examining the gun, they determined that it was a cannon. The cannon was then handed over to the Hai Phong Museum for preservation.

Bui Thi Nguyet Nga, the director of the Hai Phong Museum, shared that from the initial examination, the cannon seems to date back to the 19th century during the reign of King Tu Duc. It is believed that the gun played a role in the construction and protection of Ninh Hai wharf in Hai Phong.

“Upon preliminary examination, this cannon appears to be similar to some of the Nguyen Dynasty cannons currently on display at our museum. We will further study and research this newfound gun,” said Nga.